Parts alone don't fix old carburetors.
Experience does.

We don't "put 'em back together just the way the factory did";
we build and update 'em to last and to function correctly in
the twenty-first century --- and we make 'em look authentic, too!!

Please send a detailed description of the work,
the carburetor's model number (if known)
and a $100 per piece deposit ONLY ..and hold the
actual work until we contact you. When shipping work to The Old Carb Doctor (or sending a deposit without the work enclosed), PLEASE include in your note whether or not you want your carburetor and/or fuel pump to be cosmetically resorted (made to looke new); it REALLY does help me to know this in advance of starting the job!

Among American-built carbs, we specialize in restoring many
carburetors including Carter, Johnson, Marvel, Rayfield,
Schebler, Stewart/Detroit Lubricator, Stromberg, Tillotson and Zenith.
Sorry, we no longer restore any Holley-built carburetors.

Among European-built carbs, we specialize in Solex,
Stromberg, S.U., some Weber models and Zenith

3 months +/-
Please call 800-945-2272 for details.


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Welcome to The Old Carb Doctor, where skilled functional and cosmetic restoration of your original equipment-type carburetor or fuel pump has been our only business since 1989; we do not have parts, kits, cores or finished carburetors for sale. Below are just some of the techniques typically employed in the process of a high-quality restoration of your carb and/or pump core:

*Digital photographs taken for reference prior to  (and sometimes during) disassembly - this  applies   particularly to very unusual or early  carbs.
*Complete disassembly and thorough cleaning  of all components.
* Checking all specifications and characteristics   for accuracy.
* Replacing or re-seating of all passage plugs.
* Rebushing of throttle shaft bores.
* Resurfacing or press-matching of all gasket /  diaphragm mating surfaces.
* Updates to address various driveablitiy problems are performed on most carburetors.
* Bead-blasting of all castings to remove  oxidation and corrosion.
* Tumble-polishing of all steel and brass components.
* Appropriate refinishing of all blasted and  polished pieces.
* Reassembly of refinished components using  high quality parts and modern sealing  methods.
* Installation of a new cork or nitrophyl plastic  float (where used), or reconditioning /  replacement of brass float.
* Adjustment to bench specifications whenever  available.
* Multiple wet and dry bench tests of your  completed carburetor or pump to ensure  predictable     operation.
* Provision of a warranty against functional  defects in material and workmanship for a  period of six   months from installation (please  see important warranty details and  limitations on warranty page).

At The Old Carb Doctor, we do not shy away from "going a bit farther" to ensure a satisfying experience:

* We urge you to send any brass fuel or air fittings installed on your carb/pump so that we can detail them and ensure that they fit properly without leaks. Fittings will be returned in the same position and orientation in which they arrived.
*Upon returning your restored components to you, we double-box and double-address them and insure them to a realistic value, and we strongly suggest that you send them to us in like manner. Loss or damage is extremely rare when this shipping technique is used.
*We maintain a dialogue with our customers to ensure that we are "on the same page" to minimize any sort of disappointment.
* We try our best to accommodate realistic turn-around time requests -- but please be aware that I haven't figured out how to clone myself yet, hence I can only accomplish so much work in so much time when we are "slam covered up"!

Here at The Old Carb Doctor, we work on a wide range of carburetors through 1980 and mechanical screw-together fuel pumps through the mid-sixties. It is easier to enumerate those components upon which we do not work than to list those which we do. What follows is a brief list of the fuel systems on which The Old Carb Doctor does not work:
We DO NOT restore:
* Fuel injection units of any type.
* Electronic feedback carburetors.
* Holley carburetors.
* Chandler-Grove one-barrel carburetors used on late 1930s Packards.
* Some Japanese carburetors of later manufacture.
* Most aftermarket carburetors.
* "Hot Rod" carburetion.
* Aircraft carburetors.
* Electric fuel pumps.
* Crimped-together fuel pumps (those not assembled with screws).
* Foreign-built fuel pumps.


Here at The Old Carb Doctor, high-quality restoration service of OEM-type carburetors and fuel pumps is all that we provide. WE DO NOT SELL KITS, PARTS, CORES OR RESTORED CARBS OR PUMPS! ADDITIONALLY, WE DO NOT PERFORM PIECEMEAL WORK - ONLY COMPREHENSIVE RESTORATIONS! Throttle base rebushing is the only exception to this policy.
Sorry, but calls for other than restoration services will not be returned; doing so is simply too time-consuming and costly for a small operation such as ours to absorb.

A deposit of $100.00 per carburetor and $50.00 per fuel pump is usually requested to accompany each job. This is primarily to help defray the cost of purchasing parts, or the cost of return-shipping carburetors or fuel pumps which are found to be beyond economical repair. In such a case, the balance of the deposit not used for return shipping is refunded to the customer. There is no charge for estimates.

Thanks for visiting; we hope that you will choose The Old Carb Doctor for all of you antique fuel system restoration needs.

Jeff Dreibus
The Old Carb Doctor

Online since 6-25-11