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The Old Carb Doctor ships only to North American addresses!

Addresses in Canada, Mexico and some offshore locales may be subject to a $40 customs paperwork fee.

I should have published these shipping suggestions long ago. I was recently prompted to do so when I received a carburetor which was actually larger than the box into which it had been forced --- and I had to cut the box away from it to remove it! This is not the way to ship your carbs and pumps damage-free. Here's how you do it if you want your work to arrive at The Old Carb Doctor and arrive intact:

--- Place carb/pump inside a plastic bag before placing in box. This helps lessen "suspicious odors" which shipping authorities might alert on, and keeps residual gasoline vapors from melting plastic packing to your work.

--- Always double-box and double-address: Please use inner and outer boxes, each with its own address label to me and its own return address to you. This redundancy helps ensure that your work will be delivered to me or find its way back to you if the outer box gets damaged or the outer label is obscured. If shipping more than one piece, each piece should be in its own inner box so that they can't collide! Then insure the package for the amount you think would represent replacement value.

--- Always use boxes with plenty of room inside:
Be sure that there is at least 1" of clearance between every surface and protrusion of the carb/pump and the same between the inner box(es) and outer box! Fill every square inch of that space with soft packing. If levers or linkages hang down below the base of the carb please place a foam or cardboard block beneath the flat surface of the base so they cannot "bottom-out" and get bent!

--- If your carb uses an air cleaner stud, please remove it! If it can't be removed, see the instruction above.

--- Always pack any loose parts securely inside a container and place this container on top of the work so it can't be overlooked. If possible, install loose parts back on carburetor. Please Never ship a carburetor completely disassembled!

--- Always include your name, address, phone and the particulars regarding the work you send inside of the inner box along with the work. PLEASE include in your note (whether sending work or a deposit) whether or not you want your carburetor and/or fuel pump to be cosmetically restored (made to look new); it really does help me to know this in advance of starting the job! Also, please include a $100.00 per carb deposit ($50.00 per pump) with each order --- check or money order is fine, no credit cards please.