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The Old Carb Doctor warranties our restorations to be free of defects in materials and workmanship for a period of six months from installation on your vehicle. This warranty is limited to the cost of repair of the carburetor or fuel pump. It DOES NOT cover problems of any type caused by the use of ethanol additives or any otherwise chemically "enhanced" gasoline, which is clearly beyond our control.

As the appearance of the finished components is simply too subjective an issue, our warranty also DOES NOT cover the "cosmetics" of each carburetor or pump. Rest assured, however, that we attempt to give each component as accurate and detailed a cosmetic restoration as can be performed by such a small customer-focused shop. Often, the existing condition of the components upon arrival (damage, corrosion, abuse) will dictate the final outcome of the overall appearance.

At our option, we may choose to extend the warranty past its initial period if dirty and/or stale gasoline has not been used in the component and if Teflon thread tape has not been used on any connections (please use only automotive-grade Teflon thread PASTE in your installation!).