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Some customers have wished to know just how far we tear-down a carburetor in the
course of one of our restorations.

Here is a Carter AFB, ready for reassembly. This is typical of how far we
disassemble most carburetors so that we can clean, inspect and recondition
every single component to ensure the best result for our customers.

A Few of Our Restorations

Stromberg UUR2

1929 REO Stromberg UX-2

1928 Pontiac
Marvel Model "A"

1948 Mack Fire Engine
Zenith 29D13 Duplex Carburetor

1935 Chevy Fuel Pump

1952 Hudson Carter WGD

1937 Ford V8-60 Stromberg EE 7/8 (81)

1958 Chevrolet Rochester 4-GC

1965 Pontiac Carter AFB

1932 Buick Marvel Updraft

1933 Packard V-12 Stromberg EE3

1948 Allard with Engilsh Ford V8, Solex 30 AAPI

1932 Lincoln Stromberg DD3

1928 Buick Marvel

1920's Schebler Model L Fire Engine Carburetor