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Slight price increase May 1, 2016

All prices shown are "start at" prices. They do not include shipping, tax (where applicable) or non-standard work and are subject to change without notice.

Downdraft Carbs

Most 1 - bbl Carbs   $355
Most 2 - bbl Carbs   $375
Most 4 - bbl Carbs   $435 - $510

Triple Carbs

Rochester and Carter   $1,050/Set

European Carbs

Most Single Carbs   $375 - $425
Most Dual Carbs   $875/Set

Updraft and Sidedraft Carbs
Some Carter & Zenith Updraft Carbs $435
Others: Price start at $545 - $595
Please Call and Speak to Jeff for Specific
Warranty Limitations Due to Ethanol
Inacompatibility. Thanks

We Restore Fuel Pumps, Too!!

Most Single Action   $185
Most Double Action   $210